Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday Vol. 4

What a lovely Tuesday morning it is!!  Here's this week's 10 things:

1. Flying solo.  This morning I dropped Jerry off at the airport for his four day long work trip.  BOO.  I'm going to miss him and the girls are probably going to be two big handfuls but it will go by quickly.  I think the worst part is I'll have to wait til Friday night to watch Once Upon a Time on Netflix (we are watching the second season together and he would be mad if I went ahead without him).

2. Wilson Phillips Radio.  Currently rocking out to "You're In Love".  Some of my other stations: 90's Pop, Rush Radio, Counting Crows, Big Band, Christina Perri, *NSYNC Holiday Radio... I know, I know - I'm so eccentric and interesting.

3. Mad Men.  I know I'm really behind the times on this one, but I'm waiting for the fourth season of Parenthood to come on TV, and I needed a new Netflix show to pepper in when I'm not watching Once with Jerry.  Don Draper is pretty cute..

4. Craft Frustration.  Early this year I scored a great deal (90% off!) on some long stem fake sunflowers and fall wreath sprays with the intention of putting the sunflowers in this awesome green pitcher/vase I got a few years ago from AtHome America.  Well those damn flowers were a pain in the ass.  The stems were sticky - coated with some kind of fuzzy glue crap and the sunflowers at the top kept popping off.  Guess you get what you pay for.  And I guess I need to get a glue gun now...darn. ;)

5. Outlander Daily Lines.  I follow Diana Gabaldon on FB and I'm loving the little tidbits she shares from the new book!  Her assistant (?) Ashley is also posting excerpts from all of the previous books for monthly read-alongs until the new book comes out in the spring.  They are even more exciting to read since the people behind the new Starz show have announced the main characters.  Now I can visualize Claire & Jamie like never before.  God I'm a nerd.  But at least I've got good company.  Stumbled upon this post (while Googling the crap out of Sam Heughan) and now I have to start following her blog.

(Google Image)

6. Disappointed by OUAC.  In a previous Ten Things post (my first?) I raved about Once Upon a Child.  I discovered there was another store in a neighboring town which is known for being a bit more affluent.  So, naturally, I thought that store would have better/nicer clothing, probably be bigger (hence more selection), and just overall be glittery and fancy.  Well it was a major let down.  I drove 20 miles away just to arrive at some sketchy strip mall.  This store was a little bigger, but the selection was about the same and the quality of the clothes was, in my opinion, actually worse.  A lot of Wal-mart and no-name crap (just to clarify - I buy my kids clothes at Target, Old Navy, and sometimes, yes, Wal-mart, but the idea of going to an "upscale" consignment shop was to get nicer, gently worn clothes that are more budget-friendly than actually shopping at Janie & Jack, Lands' End, J.Crew, etc...).  So I was disappointed because it was basically a wasted trip.  I did buy a shirt for Emily and a onesie & pants for Caroline, but it was just a letdown and I was bummed when I left.  Guess that just proves the grass isn't always greener...

7.  Autumn Day.  Loving this Fall scent!  I have it in a hand sanitizer that I keep in my squirrel hand sanitizer holder.  Didn't see a candle in this scent, but I'm definitely going to pick up a "Leaves" candle and maybe go sniff "Sweater Weather" because that just sounds like it smells marvelous.

8. Yard Sale! Getting geared up for our yard sale on Saturday.  I have pulled out (almost) everything I want to sell and stacked it in the basement.  And then Emily goes downstairs and pulls out the toys I have set aside to sell and decides they're her FAVORITE toy even though she's looked at it for 2 years and never picked it up.  She'll get over it.  I still want to go through the bins in her room and see if there's anything in there she won't miss.  Christmas is coming, folks, and I have a small house!  Really hoping we can get rid of everything so I don't have to make the trip to Goodwill because I'm definitely not bringing any of that crap back inside.

9.  Tea & Skeletons.  There's something about a gruesome true-crime story that intrigues me.  I must have gotten it from my mom - ever since I can remember she has always read mystery/whodunit books (Tom Clancy stuff, Sue Grafton's ABC murder series) and watched CSI/NCIS.  So I love this tumblr because it's a mash up of all kinds of freaky/scary/weird stuff.  It's not just true crime/serial killers; there's human abnormalities & sink holes too.  It's awesome.  But I can only check it out during the day (because at night it's just too easy to imagine my house is haunted or a serial killer is standing outside my window..)

10. I'm an aunt! (sort of) Ok, not at all really.  But my best friend had her little boy on Saturday and I'm so excited for her.  She is an amazing person and I am so glad that we can now share this adventure of mommyhood together!

That's what's exciting in my life this week!  Not looking forward to the next three days of doing evening routines by myself.  Not so worried about Caroline - as long as she eats she's happy - but Emily is a busy and spirited little girl, who needs more attention now than she ever did.  #negativeattentionisstillattention 

Happy Tuesday all!

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