Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ten Things Tuesdays

So, this is totally a stolen idea.  I've seen tons of blogs out there that do a five things or ten things list of random things they love.  So guess what? Me too.

Every Tuesday I'll share a list of the most random things I can come up with that I either love (or hate) right now.  I think of it as my personal "current events" bulletin board.  I know, it makes no sense.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Fall.  Yes I know it's August.  But it's almost the end of August and that means that Fall is right around the corner.  Luckily, I still have small children so I don't have to join in all the crazy back to school mayhem just yet, but I do like seeing all the Fall decorations and starting to plan for the holidays.
(Google Images - Fall)

I also love looking at all the pretty Fall outfits I'll never buy on Pinterest:

2. Agreeable Toddler.  This morning was a rarity in our house.  Emily actually went on the potty after only being asked twice.  Sure I had to move the potty in her room (and sure, she peed on her PBkids chair last night when the potty was literally two feet away)...but this morning she peed on the potty.  And then proceeded to do what I asked her to do, including putting her shoes on by herself (she usually throws a fit with actual tears until I do it for her) and letting me brush her teeth.  We got out the door only running about 15 minutes late (and that was my bad for snoozing the alarm for 45 minutes...)  If only every day were so marvelous.
Super Cool Princess!

3. Once Upon a Child.  Seriously, why have I not been buying and selling all my kids' outgrown clothes here?! I went in on a whim yesterday after dropping Emily off at daycare.  I wanted to see if they had a decently priced tandem stroller.  They had a Joovy Caboose for $80 which I thought would've been a great price had it not been filthy.  I'm too lazy  busy to give it the deep cleaning it would need. BUT I went inside and started looking at the clothes.  I usually don't like buying clothes secondhand; I just think it's kinda icky.  I may or may not have smelled each piece of clothing before deciding to buy it. After checking for stains (one onesie had a minor one but it would be covered up by the dress), I ended up buying two dress-onesie sets and two sleepers for Caroline, and three shirts and a pair of jeans for Emily.  All for $30.  THIRTY BUCKS.  I'll be going back...with a box of outgrown clothes to sell too.

4. Football.  This goes along with Fall, but... I'm actually really looking forward to football.  I never used to watch it, but 7 years or so, Jerry started getting into it and we started following the Green Bay Packers.  We might actually get to go to a game this year...and in other news, Jerry said he would NOT be commishing his own fantasy league this year.  Yay.

5. Ear infections and frenulectomies.  These two things are definitely in the "hate" column.  Emily has had multiple ear infections since she was about 18 months.  In March of this year she had tympanostomy tubes placed in her ears to help with drainage and therefore (hopefully) keep her from getting more infections.  They were doing great until this last month, when she somehow ended up with staph in her left ear.  Then, after that was cleared up, her right ear showed the same symptoms and sure enough...staph.  When the pediatrician looked in her ears, she could see the tubes about to fall out.  We haven't even finished paying for the surgery yet and the damn things are falling out.  Awesome.  Speaking of amazing doctor bills, we just got an invoice for Caroline's frenulectomy.  That's where they snip about a millimeter of the little piece of skin holding the tongue to the bottom of the mouth - a procedure that takes about 15 seconds.  And apparently costs about $600.  Nice.  It's a good thing these girls are cute.   

6. Home Goods. I love this store.  Maybe more than I love Target.  I've been there twice in a 7-day period.  I especially love their prices on baskets and plastic storage containers (two of which are now holding this week's potty bribes: mini marshmallows and and M&Ms/Sixlets mix). I also think I may have found our next bedspread: 
But I'm extremely indecisive...I decided if it's there when I can go back on Thursday that it's meant to be and I will get it.

7. Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.  I have rediscovered this childhood favorite.  They are the only kind of Cheerios I like.  Emily loves them too.  A little bit better for her than the Reese's PB Puffs I accidentally got her hooked on...

8. Apple Flips/Pumpkin Delights.  On the subject of food with questionable nutritional value, I look forward all year to the one week stores sell Apple Flips. I could & would eat an entire box of them. Then, the rest of the fall/winter the only thing you can find is the Pumpkin Delights.  Of which I could and would eat at least half the box...

9. Disney Junior.  We watch a LOT of preschool television in our house.  Don't judge me - you do what you have to in order to keep your kids entertained so you can get something--anything!--done.  Anyway, some of Emily's favorite shows right now include: Doc McStuffins, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Octonauts, Sophia the First, and the old standby - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Almost all of their shows I can tolerate (and actually find myself watching even after Emily's gone to bed); with the exception of Little Einsteins.  I cannot stand that show.  They all have the most annoying voices and they are LOUD.  I'm talking Dora loud. SO we were at Target (surprise!) the other day and I decided to let Emily pick out some new big girl undies (#whatajoke).  She decided on Doc McStuffins, but I noticed that they had Jake & the Neverland Pirates underwear for boys.  I'm not a feminist or anything, but I just thought it would be cool if they sold J&NP undies for girls.  I mean, Izzy's a girl, after all.  I hope she's still into all these shows at Christmas because I have my eye on the Doc McStuffins lab coat and the big Bucky play set - all too expensive for "just because" toys.  


10. Casting the Outlander series.  So excited they are finally getting started with this project.  I follow Diana Gabaldon (the books' author) on Facebook and I get really excited when I see her posts with sneak peek excerpts from the eighth book.  But she has also posted about the selection of two of the main characters for the Starz TV adaptation. So far they have cast Sam Heughan as Jamie (the male lead) and Tobias Menzies as Frank Randall/Black Jack Randall (the main antagonist).  Come to find out they were both in the BBC miniseries Any Human Heart; which I watched on Netflix a few months ago.  I go back to Netflix to watch it again because I don't remember these two (they aren't main characters in the miniseries) but it's not on there anymore. So that sucks.  And so does the fact that I'm going to have to buy the Starz package just to watch this show next year.  But this makes it better: Google "Sam Heughan Visit Scotland" and listen to that sexy voice.  Ever since I discovered James McAvoy I have been in love with a Scots accent.  Marvelous.

So there you have it - the first edition of Ten Things Tuesdays.  If you made it through all 10... Congratulations, you just wasted a whole bunch of time (but at least not as much time as I wasted creating this).

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Just found your blog! Regarding # 9...We run into the same problem. Will wants Tinkerbell and Doc undies. And shirts. Poor kid. He could care less about the whole girl/boys thing. I finally started buying iron on t shirts and making some for him. Now if we can just find iron on undies.......

  2. Hey! Just curious (because I'm trying to decide how to/if I want to "promote" my blog) - but how did you find it? I haven't linked it to FB yet, but I probably will.
    Thanks for reading!! :)