Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Caroline is ONE.

Somehow, my little peanut is one year old today.  
I'm not handling it well.  Like not well at all.  So excuse me while I bawl my eyes out, and enjoy some pictures from Caroline's first year....

Caroline Elizabeth Smoot was born on Monday, July 1 at 4:44pm.  She was and still is pretty darn PERFECT.

Emily with her brand new little sister.

Baby's first 4th of July -- Three days old :)

First bath... HATED it.

Went to work with Mommy for a few weeks before starting daycare.

First day at Miss Patti's Daycare... so very impressed ;)

Yay for baby drool! Boo for teething...

She really enjoyed her bouncy seat :)

First time in the "jump-jump" (aka Exersaucer)

"Oh no she di-n't!"

SO beautiful...

And SO happy!

Extremely "dainty"

And very curious...

Happy even when she's sick and teething...

Keeps us on our toes:

Growing wayyyy too fast:

Caroline, you are such a sweet girl.  From the moment you were born, I knew you were going to be a totally different baby from your sister... and yet, I see so much of her in you too.  You are so beautiful and smart.  You get into everything and do NOT like to hear the word "no". 

You can wave "hi" and "bye", you blow kisses with the back of your hand, you crawl (which seemed like it took forever to happen, and now I just want you to stay still and snuggle!), and I think you will be pulling up and cruising soon.  You like to splash in the bath, but do NOT like to get dressed afterwards.  When we sing "Sweet Caroline", you chime in with the "bum bum bums" :)

You love raggies just like Emily (sometimes you two fight over them), you love to drink water out of your cup, and could really take or leave your bottle -- you like to throw it on the floor when you're done (which is sometimes after 1 ounce!).  

You love your "sissy" but sometimes would rather she didn't try to get in pictures with you -- or get in your personal space in general.

You, blue-eyed girl, are so special to us.  Your sister started our family, and you made it complete.  I can't believe you have been in our lives a whole year.  Didn't we just bring you home from the hospital?

No, that outfit has been hanging as a keepsake in your room for 12 months.

But weren't you just about to get your bottom two teeth, like yesterday?

Nope, you're working on your third, fourth and fifth little teeth now!

In some ways it seems like you've always been there; and yet it feels like the year has just flown by.  While I'm sad that you're no longer my little baby, I'm still so very excited for all the fun things yet to come -- standing on your own... walking!... Talking more, and more and more... Playing (and arguing) with your sister -- and trying to do everything she does... 

Caroline, you are ONE today.  And no matter how old you get, or who you grow up to be, you will always be my sweet baby girl. I love you so very, very much!


  1. What a beautiful post and she is a gorgeous baby!

  2. Omg, these pictures are so adorable!! I like that you can see both your girls growing up in the pictures too! Happy 1st Birthday Caroline!!