Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday - 12.13.13

Linking up with Darci & friends for Five on Friday.

Five things that are awesome...

Last night I got to eat Pop Tarts and salt & vinegar chips for dinner.  I say "got to" because I wouldn't have been able to eat that crap if Jerry and Emily weren't downstairs playing.  I went to the grocery store after work, Jerry picked up the girls and by the time I got home he had Caroline fed and Emily watching Jake & the Neverland Pirates.  Rounded out my mom fail evening with a Lunchables dinner for Emily and having to walk out of the bathroom and make Jerry finish Emily's bath because she was being a complete shit.  I forget where I was going with this...


Jerry's cousin, Emily Lupita.   She is awesome.  And very talented.  She designs jewelry and greeting cards, does watercolor painting, and creates all sorts of amazing this book:

Visit Emily's Etsy shop here and check out her stuff; you'll be glad you did!  
FYI I'm not getting paid for writing this.  I love her artwork and asked her if I could mention it on my blog.  ...she said yes ;)

Tonight we are going to see our niece in her church Christmas play.  It's called something like "A Charlie Brown Christmas with a Twist".  
She's playing Sally Brown, who I totally had to Google (I never watched much CB as a kid.. all I know is Snoopy laid ontop of his doghouse, Woodstock is some kind of bird, and Linus carried around a blanket and maybe there was a piano?).  In any case, it's going to be awesome.   I just hope Emily and Caroline behave. I can kinda see Emily wanting to go up on stage with "her Lana"...


There are 12 days until Christmas!  I'm really excited this year and I'm not sure why.  I think it must be that Emily is getting to be a really fun age for Christmas festivities.  And I just decided that we're skipping the homemade gingerbread house and trying this awesomeness: 


Not sure why, but last year I insisted we use my mom's old Pampered Chef gingerbread house baking molds; I made the gingerbread dough and icing from scratch and it literally fell apart the second after I took a picture of it.

AHH she's so little! (and also apparently playing the thumb drinking game)

It's Friday.  That's all the awesome I need. 


AND I just realized that there are two pictures of Emily in this post and none of Caroline.  I have a newfound appreciation for my mom and how hard she had (and still has) to work to keep everything equal and fair for both of us.  I can just hear Caroline in 10 years looking at his blog post (because that's going to happen) and going "MOOOMMM! How come Emily has two pictures on here and I don't have any?!"  I'm the younger daughter and I've given my mom a hard time once or twice (!) about Sara having two photo albums dedicated to her and poor Amanda having 0.  But I take it all back.  Sorry Mom.  And here you go, Caroline:

(I didn't say anything about it not being embarrassing...)


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