Monday, November 4, 2013

The Thankful Project - Day 4

I'm actually skipping the link up today because the prompt is "an experience" and I can't think of any one experience that I'm particularly thankful for.  Other than, of course, having my two babies, marrying my best friend, and a bunch of other good and bad experiences that make up one whole life.  This pretty wonderful life that I'm living.  I guess I'm just thankful that I have experiences -- how 'bout that?

And just because... Here's a couple pictures from the weekend:

So big!  She technically rolled from her belly to her back yesterday, but we're not counting it because she was already kind of tilted over... and she wouldn't do it again so we could get it on video -- so it never happened!

This one right here... being a complete fart while visiting Auntie Megan, Uncle Juan (Unca Wand), Baby Aiden and Oscar (Oscart).

Happy Monday!!!

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